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Lanes still at the snapper hole

2017-02-12 03:30:47

I took a father and 2 sons out yesterday to the snapper hole. The forecast was marginal but wind speed dint match predicted sea high. There were large long period swells when we broke the inlet waves were breaking over the south jetty at Fort Pierre inlet. The center of the channel had some 3 footers in it but no issue going through them  We were able to make 16 knots out to the fishing grounds 21.5 miles NE of the inlet. As the day went on the seas flatten out. Water was very clear and 72 degrees. We were in 80 feet of water using triple hook chicken rigs and cut squids for bait. I also brought some shrimp. We were catching Lane snapper, Trigger fish Vermilion snapper and grunts, there were also a lot of spinner sharks. We used some of the grunts for both live bait and cut bait. I have a live bait o top but it didn’t get hit. By the end of the day we had 18 Lane snapper in the cooler and 4 trigger fish. We also caught and released a 15” mutton snapper.