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Santa Barbara 3/4 day Reports 10.24.17

2017-10-24 00:00:00

Coral Sea 3/4 day

We are heading in right now from Santa Rosa Island. We had excellent fishing this afternoon. This morning we battled northeast winds and ended up running way up the island, our conditions turned around and we ended up with 170 rockfish, 40 lingcod, 28 whitefish, and 1 sheephead for our 20 people. The jigs worked really well today, but the squid & the sardine work the best. Our next trips available are Thursday through the end of the week half-day.  Book a reservation online or through Sea landing.  Stardust is 3/4 day fishing Thursday Friday. Pictures will be uploaded later. 805-963-3564

Stardust Tag & Release trip

We have been out on tag and release research trips the last two days and are continuing again tomorrow. These have been very productive and will be a huge asset to our cause down the line.  We will pick back up with our 3/4 day trips Thursday and Friday.  Please make reservations in advance either from our website or by calling the landing at 805-963-3564