Half Moon Bay California fishing trips for salmon, rockfish, albacore, great white shark, giant squid

Half Moon Bay fishing charter

Half Moon Bay California Fishing Charters

We have been fishing the Half Moon Bay area for many years and take great pride in being the first choice for Half Moon Bay Fishing charters for Tuna, Salmon and Rockfish.

An excellent fishing charter experience for groups of 6 or less.

Half Moon Bay Fishing

We fish for salmon from south of Pidgeon Point to north of the Farallon Islands and into the coast. The salmon run usually starts south the first of the season and progresses north. Half Moon Bay has excellent access to the salmon because of it's geographic location. The early part of the season is usually excellent fishing with limits pretty common. Late in the season the fish are often fewer in number but are frequently called hogs or slugs because of their large size. Salmon and rockfish trips are usually about 7 to 8 hours. Half Moon Bay fishing charter


Rock fishing is generally good the year around. We suggest you check our Fishing Regulation link prior to scheduling your trip.

Tuna fishing is my favorite. Not only can the fishing be awesome but also the fringe benefit of watching sea life with all the porpoises, humpback and grey whales with the occasional blue whale makes for a spectacular day. Our trips last approximately 12 hours and sometimes take us up to 50 miles offshore.

Half Moon Bay fishing charterA variety of Excursions are available: 

  • Whale watching
  • Bird watching
  • Sight seeing
  • Sunset cruise
  • Romantic dinner
  • Weddings
  • Spreading of Ashes
  • Mavericks

Captain Dale
Half Moon Bay fishing charterAs a small child I loved the water. Sailing around the world so I could be on the water was my dream. My first two boats were a dinghy and a hydroplane. As a boy I read all the books I could find with stories about the sea. Then came college, job, family and responsibility, but I still had my love for the sea.

As an educator I found I could work on boats in the summer which allowed me the opportunity to earn my first USCG Masters License. At the age of 29 I bought my first charter boat. That way I could be on the water whenever I wanted and even make money. As the years progressed I bought Joe

's Deep Sea Fishing in Garibaldi, Oregon with 6 charter boats. After several years I sold the business and the boats except for one which I kept for the next 15 years until I retired from my 'real' job as an educator in 1997. After retirement my wife and I sold everything and moved to the Bay area. I continued to operate boats for other charter boat owners out of Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. In June 2003 my wife and I bought the Que Sera Sera and spent the next two months setting it up as a truly comfortable charter boat for small groups.

Rates and Services

Area: Central California Coast including Monterey & S.F. Bays and the Farallon Islands.

Booking Agent: Half Moon Bay Sportfishing, (650) 728-3377, www.hmbfishing.com.

Excursions: A variety of excursions are available such as: Great white shark excursions and Eco-Tour to the Farallon Islands; Whale watching; Bird watching; Ash scattering; Sightseeing; Sunset cruise; Romantic Dinner on the water. We will work with you to provide an excursion tailored to your specifications. Catering provided at cost to your specifications.

Sport fishing: Salmon, Rockfish, Giant Humboldt Squid, Sand Dab, and Albacore.

Charter vessel: 38' Bertram "Que Sera Sera" located in Pillar Point Harbor on Half Moon Bay, California. (Departure times flexible).

Captain: Dale Walters, U.S.C.G. 100 ton Masters License for 40 years.

2013 Rates: (All prices subject to change) Maximum group size: 6
Rates include: Rod/reel use, tackle, bait and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.
Gratuity is not included but is appreciated.

Rock fish or Sand Dabs: $165/person (4 person minimum) whole boat: $990.

Salmon: $165/person (4 person minimum) whole boat: $990.

Ash scattering: 2 hr. ($150 for each additional hr.): $350.

Farallon Island Excursion Whole boat: charter for 6 people: $1,200.

Great White Shark (7-8hrs.): Whole boat charter $1,200.

Eco-tour (7-8 hour trip): Whole boat charter $1,200.

Whale watching: 3 hr. $115/person (5 person min.) whole boat: $690.

Excursion: 2 hr. ($150 for each additional hr.): $425.

Giant Squid: $200/person (5 person min.) whole boat: $1,200

Albacore (up to 12 hours): Whole boat charter for 6 people: $2,400.

Mavericks Contest viewing: 2hr., $450/person, whole boat: $2,700.

Mavericks Non-Contest dates: 3 hours, $175/person,4 person min., whole boat: $1,050.

Rates include rod & reel usage, tackle, bait, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
Additional charges: cleaning &/or filleting catch, gratuities and catered meals.

Departure times are flexible. We will tailor your fishing trip or excursion to meet your needs.

Join us for an excursion with Walters Coastal Charters aboard the Quesera Sera.