Icy Strait Point Hoonah Alaska Fishing Charters for Salmon, Halibut, Steelhead

Icy Strait Point, Hoonah Alaska Fishing Charters

Alaska FishingFishing charters from Hoonah in the Icy Strait- We offer the best Icy Strait Point fishing there is! Located midway between Juneau and Glacier Bay, the village of Hoonah rests beside Icy Strait, where the migratory routes of halibut and salmon converge.

Unlike the other major destinations, Hoonah doesn't get a huge influx of visitors, this is the number one reason why the fishing is so great! You get the first class fishing without the first class crowd, a modern harbor and airport - just a 15 minute flight or a 3.5 hour boat ride from Glacier Bay or Juneau Alaska.

Alaska Fishing

Halibut are in season all summer. Another awesome thing you will see during your Icy Straight fishing trip is many days the whales are feeding around the boat while we fish.

We offer small group Whale Watching charters out of Hoonah, Alaska. Hoonah has some of the most exciting humpback whale watching in the World with daily sightings occurring between the months of May through September.

Icy Strait Point Charter Rates

* Each price is based on per person.

Open Boat Prices:

  • Alaska Fishing1/2 Day Fishing - (3.5 hours) - $220.00 
  • Full Day Fishing -  (8 hours) - $350.00 
  • Whale Watching - (3.5 hours) - $165.00 

Minimum of 4 people aboard.

Private Boat Trips:

  • 1/2 Day Fishing - (3.5 hours) - $350.00 
  • Full Day Fishing -  (8 hours) - $500.00 
  • Whale Watching - (3.5 hours) - $300.00 

Required to have 2 people aboard minimum.

Plan your next Icy Straight fishing trip with the best and you will never forget the experience you had!