Samoa Fishing Charters big game fishing for Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Trevally

Samoa Fishing Charters

Samoa FishingThe beautiful island nation of Samoa is situated just across the International Dateline about half way between Australia and North America. Samoa is the Heart of Polynesia and is one of the last bastions of Polynesian culture. Samoa has a population of around 160,000 people. The majority of whom still practice time honored customs and the traditional way of life. There are two main islands, Upolo (where the capital Apia is located) and Savaii (The BIG Island).

Samoa offers it's visitors a very special holiday experience. Fantastic Fishing, kilometers of white sand beaches, spectacular waterfalls, traditional villages, and a unique people and culture. One of the great things about Samoa is that so much of the country (Ocean and Land) is untouched. Global Commercialization has not made it's mark on this Jewel of the Pacific. No large hotel chains and no theme parks. However there are some beautiful world class Golf Courses for those who like to chase the little white ball.

Samoa Fishing Charters
Samoa Fishing
Our distinction from other Samoa fishing charter operators is our ability to provide special fishing charters for those anglers who have specific requirements. Anglers who wish to target a certain species, fish a particular way, use specialized tackle, fish a particular line class, or concentrate on local or international records... will be catered to...

Trolling for Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and all your favorite pelagic species strait out the front of Apia. Within ten minutes of leaving port you can be on the fish. If switch or live baiting is your fancy we also run these rigs regularly. Skipping large fresh tuna baits is also an option and can result in the capture of xxx jumbo Blue and Black Marlin.
Samoa Fishing
We can arrange all requirements for you and your friends (2-6) to come and fish the waters of Samoa. Air Travel, Transfers, Accommodation and Charter Fees can all be included. A 7 day package including 4 full days of Samoa big game fishing is our most popular, but we can also tailor a specific Samoa vacation package to suit your particular requirements.

Get a group of 2 - 4 anglers together who have an adventurous spirit and want to fish the boundaries of Samoa Fishinglocations available. With Pure Indulgence having a range of more than 500 nauticle miles we offer 2 - 4 day trips to rarely fished sea mounts, canyons bommies, banks and coral reefs and atolls. All types of blue water sportsfishing can be achieved on theses trips. Trolling, Switching, Jigging, Popper Casting, etc for everything from Blue Marlin to Coral Trout. We can plan trips to unique places such as the Pascoe Banks, Tokolou, Swains Island, Iles Wallis, American Samoa, Tonga, Northern Cooks, Manua Islands, Rose Island, Curacoa Island, Niuatoputapu Group, Duram Shoals and many more previously unreachable destinations. Huge Marlin, Wahoo, Gtâ', Mahi Mahi, Sails, Doggies, Yellowfin, and a myriad of pelagic and reef species are encountered when fishing these locations. The ideal number of anglers for theses long range live aboard trips is four (4).

As per LIVE ABOARD 2 - 4 day Samoa fishing charter trips concentrating on the drop off's and plateau's and specifically targeting "Broady's" at night. We also offer 1 night only trips directly out from Apia for those with limited time or who would like to make it a part of a general charter.

Samoa FishingSamoa is the next big thing in international surfing destinations. Get up to 4 mates together and do a live aboard surfing safari aboard Pure Indulgence. Surf the famous reef breaks without the hassel of paddling out over the coral. You've got your own "floating fale" out the back of the break with a 4 man Zodiac to get you to and from the boat. We always know where the swell is coming from and before we leave the harbor will discuss the best options to maximize the rush. While cruising from break to break you can catch a fish for dinner or hook up on a Marlin for the ultimate fishing thrill.

MV Pure Indulgence can also reach other unique and rarely visited fishing destinations such as the Pascoe Banks, Tokolou, Swains Island

Upolo Island Fishing

Samoa Fishing Charter Boat
MV Pure Indulgence is the first and only vessel of it's kind to be offered for Samoa fishing charter on a permanent basis out of the port of Apia Harbour.

Samoa FishingThe boat is powered by twin Volvo 250hp TAM D60's with a cruising speed of 18knts. She has a range of up to 600 nautical miles, is fully air-conditioned and can accommodate up to 6 anglers with heaps of room to spare. She is fitted out with all the latest in safety and navigational equipment. Of course the most important thing is we supply the anglers with a comprehensive range of Shimano big game, jigging and spinning reels and rods, plus the latest in terminal tackle. This includes a huge array of switch rigs, live rigs and quality lures that are proven fish catchers in the waters surrounding Samoa.

Due to our vessels longer range, we not only fish the proven inshore grounds but also the wider grounds from where the commercial fishing fleet frequently report catches of large blue and black marlin up to and beyond 450kgs.

It is the boats objective to be the first to land a granderĀ from Samoan waters under the rules of SIGFA and the auspices of the IGFA.