Message Board: Cortez Yacht Charters Cabo San Lucas


2017-10-26 05:26:19

The dorado catches are increasing by the day and for many of the boats, we are seeing limit fishing and lots of releases throughout the area, especially all over the Pacific side of the peninsula.  The overall fish counts for a total of 55 days fished reflected 1 blue marlin for the Gaviota XI, 4 stripers, (released) 1 sailfish,  8 yellowfin tuna, 2 skipjack, 4 wahoo and 1 shark.  The Gaviota IV and the Fish Cabo tied for stripers with both boats reflecting 2 releases and the Gaviota VII landed a 250 lb. blue marlin and caught the only sailfish.  

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament was won by a 347 lb. black marlin, captured out front of Cabo Falso about 4 miles, by a Canadian angler and taken aboard the sportfisher, "Reel Gold", on the 2nd day of the 3-day tournament.  Fishing the final day they released a smaller blue marlin and a dorado.  The winning fish took 4 hours 15 minutes on 50 lb. tackle and they didn't even see the fish for about 3 hours after it was hooked up on a rigged cabillito for bait.  The boat was skippered by Captain Roberto Marquez, Jr., and Roberto Marquez, Sr.,  was the mate, adding a little twist to the crew.   

Cabo Climate:  A warm and sunny week with average daytime temps at 90 and nights at 77.6 degrees.  Humidity ratio averaged 58.8 for the week.

Sea Conditions:  The Finger Bank to the Jaime Bank was all at 85-86 degrees.  Along the shoreline from Cristobal to Cabo Falso and out to about 5 miles, all at 87-88 degrees.  Cabo San Lucas to Gorda Banks all at 87 to 89 degrees.  The 95 Fathom Spot, the 1150 Fathom Spot and the Outer Gorda Bank were all at 88-89 degrees.

Best Fishing Area:  Cabo Falso was the hot spot for billfish and the winner of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament was caught there, a black marlin,  and two other smaller blue marlin were released there. Dorado were all over the area and a log found near the Jaime Bank was producing numerous dorado and most of the fish were in the 15-20 lb. ranges.

Best Bait or Lure:  Live bait was doing well for the dorado, along with a myriad of smaller artificials and tuna feathers.  Rigged bait caught the biggest fish for the Tournament.  

Live Bait Supply:  A good live bait supply was available during the tournament at the $3.00 per bait rate paid direct to the bait vendors at time of receipt.

Our Local Reporters:  Gaviota Fleet Manager, Carlos Pena Mireles and Fish Cabo owner, Captain Roberto Marquez, had a pretty good report for the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, having fished with the tournament winner aboard the winner boat, skippered by his son, Roberto Jr.

The off shore fishing this past week remained pretty good and provided the anglers with an interesting variety of different fish that included 1 stripped marlin, (released) 2 sailfish, (1 released) 8 yellowfin tuna and 2 dorado for their 6 boat fishing days.  The inshore super pangas had very good action for their 6 days fished that produced 15 pompano, 90 snappers, 9 corvina and 30 triggerfish.  The overall fishing was accomplished in good weather conditions for the week and no port closure days to interfere with the anglers having a very good period of fishing and catching.

Mazatlan Climate:  It was a partly cloudy week that just got nicer and nicer as the week moved on.  Day time temps averaged 88.8 degrees and the nights were at 75.5 and Thursday thru Sunday was all sunny and wonderful.  The humidity ratio averaged 78% for the week, but still, it was a very nice week in Mazatlan and the surrounding area, especially on the ocean for fishing.

Sea Conditions:  Tropical surface breezes were flowing mostly from the west to southwest and averaged about 7.7 mph.  Water temps warm at 89-91 degrees from inshore to off shore areas.  Tropical surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions at 7.7 mph.  Excellent fishing conditions.

Best Bait-Lures:  The billfish were liking the rigged baits best.  The yellowfin tuna and the dorado were best on a variety of colored tuna feathers and the bottom fish were biting on a mix of shrimp and squid.

Best Fishing Areas(s):  The billfish were taken in an area about 18-22 miles to the southwest of the Marina El Cid and the same for the yellowfin tuna.  

Bait Supply:  The freshly caught baits for rigging were readily available and provided as part of the charters.

Our Local Reporter for the Fleet:  Ms. Kitcia Berenice Ceja Diaz, Office Manager for the Aries Fleet and the Marina El Cid and reporter for Mazatlan fishing.

Finally, a good weather report came in from Captasin Temo Verboonen, our local reporter for Zihuatanejo, along with an updated fishing report for the area.  Temo said the boats that got out this past week had blue water to the 10 mile mark but after that, the water turned off color greenish and the overall bite was slow.  The captains did see man small sharks around the logs and they did catch a few dorado and sailfish, but all in all, it was not our regular fishing and we are looking forward to improvements, sor sure. The inshore bite remained very good for the bigger jack crevalles and roosterfish, especially at the mouth of the Valentin River Beaches area.

IZ Climate:  A much improved weather report for the area with a no rain week and daytime temps averaged 88.6 degrees and nights were a 79.3 degrees.  The humidity ratio averaged 76.8% for the week.

Sea Conditions:  Water temps varied from 86-87 degrees with good blue water to about the 10 mile mark before turning greenish outbound from there.  Tropical surface breezes averaged 7.3 mph and the area remained calm for most of the week.

Best Bait & Lures:  Rigged baits worked best for the few sailfish while the dorado bit better on the artificials.  Live bait and poppers were working well for the inshore fishing for jacks and roosterfish.

Bait Supply:  The bait supply remains very good at the $5.00 per dozen for the live bait.

Our Local Reporter:  Captain Temo Veroonen, owner-operator of the two super pangas, Secuestro de Amor and Macho Banana, continues as our reporter for this area.

While most of the week was cloudy with lots of scattered rainy periods, the actual sea surface conditions were very good and allowed for some very good fishing conditions for the entire area.  It was another successul fishing week for the leet from the Marina El Cid and for those folks that elected to fish had a terrific experience of fish catching action that even included 3 sailfish.  The overall fish counts reflected a typical wide spectrum of mixed bag catches that not only included the 3 sailfish, they added 30 bonito, 40 giant Atlantic barracudas, (the fish of the week) 4 blackfin tuna, 1 king mackerel, 20 triggerfish, 39 chackchi, 14 grouper, 4 snappers, 4 sawfish, 6 banana fish and 1 needlefish.  

PM Climate:  Daytime temperatures averaged 85 degrees and nights at 75.5.  The humidity ratio averaged 83%.    

Sea Conditions:  The tropical sea surface breezes were flowing in mostly from the easterly directions at an average of 7.7 mph, allowing for soft sea surface conditions and easy fishing comfort for the anglers.  Sea temps had fallen for this area and reflected 78-79 degrees from Cancun to Cozumel area.

Best Bait:  The continuous supply of ballyhoo bait availability allows the boats to have a remarkable daily supply of ample bait that is supplied with the charters at the Marina El Cid.

Bait Supply:  During the times when the boats could fish in this area overt the past 5-6 years, we have never experienced a freshly supplied bait problem for any of the charters and remain grateful to Mother Nature's resource supply for the anglers.

Our Local Reporter:  Ms. Lily Valdez, The reservation supervisor for the Marina El Cid, continues to provide us with a weekly fish report that spans this entire area from Cancun to Cozumel and specifically, the Marina El Cid fishing fleet.