South Ana Maria Cuba Fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook, Permit,

Avalon, Cuban fishing Centers South Ana Maria

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South Ana Maria is the eighth Avalon destination. We plan to offer this new endeavor as a fishing alternative for those looking to broaden their angling horizons, while discovering a completely unpressured natural marine environment for salt water fish.

The area is completely untouched and exclusively maintained and chartered by Avalon. Species found in this area are: tarpon, bonefish, permit, snook, jack crevalle, snapper, large and aggressive barracuda as well as several other powerful species. Avalon's goal is to offer another destination to unexplored, virgin waters, as we once did in other areas now well known and protected in Jardines de la Reina.

In recent seasons we have visited these waters with guides and clients, with spectacular reviews. The results have been so positive that we are proud to spread the word on how unique and abundant this marine ecosystem is. The rich flora and fauna in this area also make it perfect for diving, as the waters are so clear and the species inhabiting the area, so abundant.

South Ana Maria Cuba Fishing

cuba fishingThe fishing method we will use at this new location is the same as we are applying in Cayo Largo, with a rotation of the fishing areas, so that each skiff has as an assigned daily area to fish. Dolphins Skiffs with Yamaha 4 stroke 60 HP motors will be used to fish the area, which ensures Avalon's high standard of quality and security. These same standards are applied throughout Avalon equipment found at all our destinations.

The quality of food and service offered will be identical to those in Avalon's other programs in Jardines de la Reina. The menu will be abundant with fresh fish, seafood, seasonal fruit and vegetables. Meat and vegetarian dishes are also available on request. A great deal of priority will be placed on the quality of meals served on board and the attentive service will be second to none.

Avalon Trip to Jardines de la Reina

cuba fishingThis program is completely independent from the other Avalon trips to Jardines de la Reina, in the sense that anglers will arrive at Jucaro Port, where they will board the yacht, for a transfer to the first fishing area.

Those staying aboard the yacht will be in 5 double rooms, all with air conditioning and private bathrooms. The guides, crew and wait staff have a separate sleeping area aboard and will be at guests beck and call throughout the week. Excellent food and service along with long days on the water in a scarcely explored marine eco system, is what this new and exciting trip is all about!

The program can be booked for 4 to 8 anglers in exclusivity.

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