Isla de la Juventud Cuba fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook

Isla de la Juventud, Cuba Fishing

The Island of the Youth is just 25 minutes flying time South from Havana and the fishing area is in the Archipelago de los Canarreos, which extends from the northern coast of the IDJ approximately 85 miles South - East. Literally hundreds of Keys channels and shallow salt water flats.

Isla de la Juventud Cuba Fishing for snook, permit and bonefish

Much of this big archipelago surrounding the Isle of Youth is now a Cuban National Marine Park, so there has been no commercial fishing, other than for lobsters, for many years.

Like Avalon's operation in the Jardines De la Reina, this is a joint venture with Cuban Government, which gives Avalon Outdoors the exclusive rights to fish this incredibly large area. So in the foreseeable future, the fishing pressure will be remain extremely low with many flats getting fished only once every couple of weeks if that. The Isle of Youth is a place where on any given day an accomplished angler has a shot at catching a Super Grand Slam - Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit and Snook. A place where you can catch three to nine pound bonefish until your arms wear out. A place where eighty to one hundred pound tarpon will actually eat your fly in the middle of a sunny day rather than totally ignoring your offering as they do so much of the time in Florida. A place where you can jump twenty to fifty baby tarpon ranging from five to thirty pounds in a day. A place where ten to fifteen pound snook race out to attack your fly like a pit bull going after the postman.

TARPON at Isla de la Juventud

Numbers show it is one of the best in the entire world for jumped fish in size, per client. In the 2006 season Avalon jumped over 3,000 tarpon between 30 and 120 pounds, making a solid 60 pound average size. Catching them in deep channels and really shallow waters - flats and lagoons. Tarpons are really everywhere. Due to the huge area there are still a lot of flats and channels to be fished and it's worth to be one of the 1st that can cast in this waters.

BONEFISH at Isla de la Juventud

Cuba Bonefish Fishing on Isla de la JuventudSome of the best fishing in the Caribbean. The fish are huge, averaging over 5 lbs. with double-digit fish seen every day. The fish are also the least spooky you can imagine. You will catch fish with leader up to 30 lbs and some casts are only 3 feet ! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for bonefish lovers. Wading, poling, tailing; you got it all. Best place for beginners (fish are not spooky) as well as for experts (large quantities and size).

PERMIT at Isla de la Juventud

There are schools of 10-15 lb permit, and singles over 20-25 lbs.
Guides are sure that permit fishing will be as good as bonefish , tarpon and snook!

Cuba Snook Fishing Charter

SNOOK at Isla de la Juventud

The best surprise is snook fishing. There are tons of places close to the coast and the fishing is really a blast. Snook are normally aggressive fish and seeing them in this pristine habitat of Cuba's Isle of Youth, where there has been absolutely no fishing pressure is a real eye-opener. Here the snook will scamper out and crush a fly even thought they can obviously see the flats skiff and the angler. Fishing in shallow and open water or behind the mangroves, snooks are everywhere.

Cuba Fishing Lodge


Hotel Rancho El Tesoro; Located in the Nueva Gerona Town, 10 minutes from the Airport and 15 from the fishing dock. Avalon got the exclusivity of this hotel for his guests.

The accommodation is in single room, there is a crew of waitresses, chefs and manager only for the clients as well as a nice private dinning room. Nice clean rooms, all with AC, excellent showers and good beds.

Isla de la Juventad Cuba Fishing

Perola live aboard

The chef on the Perola does a wonderful job with the meals. Dinners are primarily seafood- fresh fish every day, lobster and conch. For those that would like something different, chicken and pork are also available. Salads and a variety of fruits are served every day. The guides live aboard the Perola along with the guests, and having the flexibility to travel around this huge island system in order to find the absolute best fishing is a key to the Perola.

Perola is Avalon new luxury M/Y, is the best way to experience the full immersion fishing in the Canarreos Archipelago. Top service from the crew, 3 skiffs for parties of six. 23 mt in length, it is equipped below decks with five cabins, and three bathrooms. Good showers with plenty of hot water make things comfortable. Up top there is a large salon, which is fully air conditioned and a perfect place to have cocktails after fishing, before dinner.Meals are usually served on the second deck where there is normally a nice breeze.