Brazil Deep Sea Fishing Charters for Marlin, Dorado, Amberjack, Wahoo

Ocean Fishing near Brazil

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Brazfish is a team of travel professionals dedicated to hosting the most amazing fishing excursions to be found in the Amazon. Their USA Team has more than 15 years of experience in the travel business. They are specialized in Brazil and South America. Brazfish's partners in Brazil has the expertise and extensive knowledge of the Amazon area and they will guide you from the time you arrive at the airport until it is time to go back to catch your flight to go back home.

Brazfish has partnered with Marlin Brazil to help you start catching Marlin and other Big Game Fish

Blue Marlin Fishing Charters

brazfish ocean 5Get ready for an awesome day out fishing with Marlin Brazil's Blue Marling fishing charter packages. Departing from Vitoria, ES, The Marlin Capital of the World, which can truly offer you the best marlin fishing there is!

The main goal of Marlin Fishing is to capture and then release back to the ocean these beautiful creatures for preservation purposes. Many fishermen around the globe consider these big fish true trophy catches. It really is rewarding when you catch one of these marlins.

Marlin Brazil has packages of fishing charters that will take you exactly where all the best spots are found. Captain Leonardo Menezes guarantees you: "Everybody who enjoys fishing, will have the time of their life. I can recall the satisfaction of almost all of my clients who caught a blue marlin, white marlin or black marlin. It was priceless."

With Marlin Brazil, you will have unforgettable experiences. If you are a fishing aficionado, don’t waste your time looking for other charters. Marlin Brazil has the best charters, the best boats, the most prepared captains and best ways to pay.

Brazil Deep Sea Fishing Charters

brazfish ocean 6Marlin Brazil is ready to accommodate you and provide you with everything you need to make your next open sea fishing trip successful.

Game Fish commonly found while Deep Sea Fishing includes Dorado (a.k.a. Mahi Mahi, Dolphin Fish), Amberjack and Wahoo.

With Marlin Brazil deep-sea fishing is not complicated. But you are probably wondering how Marlin Brazil could help you, right? Marlin Brazil has the most prepared crew for the open sea fishing job and also has the most advanced boats and speedboats for you. With Marlin Brazil, it is sure that you will have a great time with your friends and family. Captain Leonardo Menezes can assure you will have the time of your life.


Anglers2 Days of Fishing
4 Night Stay
3 Days of Fishing
5 Night Stay
4 Days of Fishing
7 Night Stay
6 US$ 1.180,00 US$ 1.680,00 US$ 1.999,00
5 US$ 1.399,00 US$ 1.890,00 US$ 2.590,00
4 US$ 1.590,00 US$ 2.299,00 US$ 2.990,00
3 US$ 1.999,00 US$ 2.890,00 US$ 3.899,00
2 US$ 2.899,00 US$ 3.890,00 US$ 4.999,00

brazfish ocean 2Prices are per person
+8% tax.
Usual 10% tip not included.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.
Special prices for corporate charters.

What's Included:

  • 42' speedboat with 2 Volvo Penta engines.
  • 2-sailor bilingual crew.
  • Up to 7 hours actual fishing per day.
  • Rods, reels and baits.
  • Foods and drinks.
  • Airport-hotel-airport transfer, bilingual driver.
  • Stay in 5-star Senac Hotel, with breakfast, double room and a private dock.
  • VIP Lounge included in over 190 airports.
  • Assistance for your Brazilian visa.
  • Welcome souvenir.

About Senac Hotel

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The Senac Ilha do Boi is a hotel-school that makes itself different from other hotels by making education as its purpose. When you arrive at Senac, you will have the feeling that every detail has been planned to offer you exclusive services, since the hotel offers a modern infrastructure that allows truly unique education, either in tourism or in gastronomy. The result could not be more exceptional: Senac Ilha do Boi is the standard when it comes to tourism and hospitality in Latin America.


Brazil has some of nature's greatest charms. Famous worldwide and one of the richest destinations in terms of what to choose, Brazil has well over 8.5 million square kilometers of land offering a wide range of Natural Parks, Biosphere Reserves and Environmental Protection Areas – many of which have been granted by UNESCO the status of Natural Heritages of Humanity. Brazfish's Eco-Tours will take you to Brazil’s ecological paradises.

Brazfish promises to give its guests the trip of their lifetime! Book Now!