Wani Kanati Fishing


The Captain of the WANI KANATI is Rich Hellmuth from Islamorada, Fl. Rich has been a Captain for nearly 40 years and has been Fishing these waters for the past 24 years.He's won numerous Tournaments through out the Keys and Bahamas, most recently the Bahamas Billfish Tournament in Harbour Island 2001 catching the first Marlin, last Marlin and biggest Marlin weighing in at 653 lbs. In Harbour Island, he has caught Yellow Fin Tuna 128lbs, Mahi Mahi 73lbs and Wahoo 98lbs. Rich has also caught more Blue Marlin than anyone in these waters and has caught 3 in one day a number of times,most recently July of 2009. The WANI KANATI is a highly customized 55'Viking Sportfisherman,and is available for aHarbour Island Charter in the Bahamas. Its amenities make it not only one of the finest Fishing platforms for the most experienced Big Game Fisherman ,but has the luxury and comfort the whole family can enjoy and experience. Harbour Island,off the Eastern Coast of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, has become the home of the WANI KANATI . Not coincidentally,these waters are also the home of some of the most highly sought after Big Game Fish. Leading the list of Fish to be caught here is the prized Blue Marlin. While the average size of the Blue Marlin is about 250 lbs, there are many in the 500 to 1,000 lb range that have been caught too. Other Billfish,the White Marlin and Sailfish also make their presence through out the year. All of the Billfish caught are released unharmed to fight another day. When possible,these Fish are tagged for research purposes. While searching for the Marlin, these rich waters, teaming with life , offer other challenging species which not only give a good account of them selves once hooked, but as great table fare. The Yellow Fin Tuna along with the smaller member of the Tuna family, Blackfin Tuna are also here year round depending on the conditions.The Yellow Fins average 40lbs but can also get up around 70-125 lb on occasion.Nothing like grilled Tuna steaks and fresh Sushi. Mahi Mahi , also known as Dolphin Fish and Dorado make their presence in these waters mainly in March to the early part of June.It's not uncommon to have 2,3 or even 4 on at a time when they're schooling making one of the more chaotic and enjoyable experiences you'll encounter. Through out the year these highly migratory fish will travel along weed lines looking for food and under floating debris making them catch-able virtually all year.When a school is located ,we use light spinning tackle and sight cast to the Fish increasing the challenge. Last but surely not least, there's the Wahoo,ranging in size from a 40lb average to 100lbs .Their powerful first run ,while impressive is just the beginning of a memorable battle.Once boated,there's more for the grill and some fine Sushi.The Wahoo can also be caught year round with most caught Jan.to April.