Stardust Sportfishing


Stardust Sportfishing offers Santa Barbara fishing charter, fishing trips for rockfish, ling cod, calico bass. The Stardust is available for 1/2 day and 3/4 day Santa Barbara fishing charters. We can leave as early as 5am for any of these trips, and can accommodate a maximum of 49 anglers. All the necessary rods and reels for your trip can be rented at Sea Landing, where they also have any terminal tackle (hooks and sinkers) you might need. We offer very reasonable charter rates and all charters can be arranged by contacting Captain Jason Diamond Welcome aboard the 65’ Stardust out of Sea Landing located in the Santa Barbara Harbor. With three large bait tanks, a custom sun deck, & plenty of seating for everyone, the Stardust is the perfect choice for a trip with the family or a saltwater outing. There's lots of room in the stern, perfect for catching; calico bass, sand bass, halibut, white sea bass, rockfish, barracuda & the many other fish we catch every day! Oh, don't forget our amazing lingcod! We are famous for our spacious full service galley serving complete breakfast and lunch including our award winning cheese burgers, chips, candy, water, sodas, and beer. We also have a complete restroom which is kept clean throughout the trip. The Stardust is equipped with the latest & most modern fish finding electronics. Although we have never had to use it, we also have the newest top of the line safety equipment. The Stardust is a USCG inspected vessel. With your comfort in mind, we have limited our load on all trips to 40 people. SUMMER: During the summer months we target calico bass, sand bass, shallow water rockfish, barracuda, white sea bass, and yellowtail fishing at places such as the one-mile, horseshoe reef and kelp, and the slide. But don't be surprised to find yourself fishing at Naples on a nice summer afternoon! WINTER: In the late fall and early winter we continue to target the bass as well as shallow water rockfish, whitefish, and sculpin. We also fish salmon in season on years when they are around using live bait So. Cal style, and as you can see on the left, there are some big 'uns out there. 1/2 Day : Stardust Sportfishing offers Santa Barbara fishing charter, fishing trips for rockfish, ling cod, calico bassThe Stardust runs 1/2 day trips Monday-Thursday. The Coral Sea runs 1/2 day trips Thursday-Sunday We fish along the Santa Barbara Coast, and there will never be more than 40 people on the boat! The 1/2 day fishing is very unique because most fishing spots are so close 10-30 minutes away, so most of our time is spent fishing. These trips are designed for light tackle fishing, like bass gear or spinning gear. It is always recommended to bring a heavier setup as well. We target barracuda, bass, bonito, rockfish, ling cod, sheephead, ocean whitefish, halibut and even white sea bass (depending on the time of year). These 1/2 day trips are normally very productive. Duration: 9am - 3pm 3/4 Day : The Stardust goes 3/4 day fishing every Friday, Saturday & Sunday March 1- December 31. The Coral Sea will run 3/4 day trips Monday-Wednesday, and on any weekend days that the Stardust is privately chartered. We fish from the west end of Santa Cruz to the west end of Santa Rosa Island with a limited load of 40. We also fish the coast from Ventura to San Augustine. The fishing on 3/4 day trips are very good, don’t be surprised to come home with a bag full of fish! Most of the fish we catch are very good eating, can you say fish tacos? Most of our open party trips are freelance fishing trips, meaning we go where the fish are ensuring you come home with a bag of fish. The species we expect to catch are big quality rockfish, ling cod, whitefish, sheephead, white sea bass, halibut, and a variety of surface fish such as bass, bonito, & barracuda. Duration: 7am - 4/5pm Coral Sea is 58'x18' mid sized charter boat. Packed comfortably, clean, and fast for all anglers to enjoy their fishing experience. The Coral Sea has a huge bow to fish from making the whole boat highly fishable. With all the work we have done in the past month, the Coral Sea is at Peak Performance! The Coral Sea runs 1/2 day & 3/4 day fishing trips. we also offer private charter overnight trips as well. Bunks are made available during 3/4 day trips and Private Charters. We have a full service hot galley, providing you with amazing breakfast & lunch options like our famous Breakfast Burritos, Stardust Burgers, snacks, soda/water and beer. A large live bait capacity and refrigerated fish hold, makes the Coral Sea is ideal for multi day trips. Designed for your offshore adventure, the Coral Sea crew is ready to serve you and your group. We offer a family friendly operation, and always put your needs first.