Mckenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge


Mckenzie River Labrador Fly Fishing Lodge fishingLabrador, land of the largest native wild Brook Trout and best Landlocked Salmon fishing in the world. Mckenzie river fly fishing lodge is the newest Labrador fly fishing destination and offers access to previously inaccessible waters. Built in 2001 the lodge is nestled in the boreal forest of North Western Labrador Canada and accessible only by floatplane, it is located on Andre Lake at the head of the Mckenzie River. The Mckenzie river then flows threw the unspoiled wilderness of the Labrador plateau for over thirty miles before emptying into the huge Smallwood reservoir. At 2520 sq. miles the Smallwood Reservoir is the 9th largest freshwater body in Canada, Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon travel up the McKenzie River and threw Andre Lake to spawn in the headwaters of the river system. Our guests have access to 3 scenic rivers: the McKenzie, Quartzite and Comeback. Wild intact rivers with abundant hatches and baitfish offering ideal habitat for Trophy Labrador Brook Trout. Come experience fly fishing on 15 miles of pockets, riffles, runs and pools for Trophy Labrador Brook Trout, hard fighting Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Whitefish. Enjoy a wilderness fly fishing trip in a remote wilderness, the Big Land, home of the Caribou, the Timber Wolf, the Otter, the Eagle and one of last places To fly fish for big wild native Brook Trout. Brook Trout are native to Labrador and thrive in its pristine streams, lakes and rivers. Labrador Salmon Fishing fishingLandlocked Salmon or Ouananiche as they called in Labrador. These acrobatic fish provide an awesome fight. Averaging 4 to 8 lbs they become larger and more numerous in August and September as the spawning run out of the Smallwood Reservoir intensifies. The McKenzie River is the main spawning tributary for the Landlocked Salmon of Lobstick Lake where the current world of 22 lbs 11oz was captured. Every year Landlocked Salmon up to 14 lbs are caught on streamers, dry flies, wooly buggers and even mice patterns. The two weeks after ice out provide great action as fish feed aggressively after the long winter. Labrador Northern Pike Fishing fishingNorthern Pike are abundant throughout the river system. Averaging 5 to 25 lbs these aggressive predators are found in slower currents and bays of the river. With violent attacks and hard fights Northern Pike provide great sport on the fly all season long. Catching large Northern Pike on a surface fly while wading is an awesome experience. Labrador Brook Trout Fishing McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge offers Labrador Brook Trout fishing trips that undeniably some of the best in the world, in some of the most remote areas to fish for Brook Trout on the continent. Our Brook Trout are strong, wild, beautifully colored river fish that readily take a fly. Abundant in the river system they average 3 to 5 lbs but larger Brook Trout of 6 to 10 lbs have been released. Labrador Lake Trout Fishing fishingLake Trout are present in the river early and later in the season and abundant in Lake André. Our Lake Trout average 5 to 20lbs but larger fish have been caught and released. Casting or trolling with large streamers and sink tip lines often brings Big Suprises. Labrador Fly Fishing Lodge The Mckenzie River Lodge provides full amenities and consists of two guest cabins (capacity of 4 guests each), one staff cabin and a main lodge. fishingAmerican Plan Packages 7 nights, 6 days of fishing Round trip floatplane from Labrador City Lodging, bedding and towels All meals served in camp One guide per two guests Boat, motor and gas Safety jacket and dipping net Access rights


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