Keen M Sportfishing


Keen M is the most exciting Cancun Fishing Isla Mujeres adventure in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean aboard our vessels: the "Lilly M"36 ft. and the"Keen M"41 ft. Isla Mujeres is a famous beach destination and is one of the most important ports for bill fishing in the Mexican Caribbean. Isla Mujeres is located right in front of Cancun, a 15 minute boat ride will bring you to our island. You will have the opportunity to catch World Record Atlantic Sailfish, white and blue marlin, dorado, blackfin tuna, wahoo, gag grouper, king fish and more! Our friendly English and Speaking Captain and Mate will assist and instruct you on your angling adventure. They are committed to providing you with the highest standards of enjoyment and safety. We specialize in Blue Water Fly Fishing, and we also supply fly tackle upon request. Since our primary concern is the conservation of the species, we use "circle hooks", and practice catch and release on all billfish; with edible species, the practice is "catch what you can eat, and release the rest". BILLFISH DIVE CHARTERS Sailfish and sardines are migratory and widely distributed, with populations in multiple oceans. Sailfish cooperate, sometimes for several hours, to turn unwieldy prey into a manageable meal. Once a ball of bait is under control, the sailfish take turns shooting through it, heads whipping side to side as they use their bills to bat sardines with remarkable precision. Pursuers then nab stunned fish before they can escape, typically they will consume every last one. Keen M is the pioneer of this service and has had the honor to host many of the best photographers and videographers in the world to capture amazing images of this activity, we are "the ones" that find the sails! WHALE SHARK ENCOUNTER Seasonal: May 15 to Sept 15 Whale Sharks ( Rhiniodon Typus) are harmless sharks, not whales, they are the largest fish in the ocean, reaching over 50' (15 m) and over 27,000 lb (12,500 kg). Although massive, whale sharks are docile fish, you can safely snorkel with them while they are plankton feeding in the surface, each encounter allows for two people to enter the water at a time along with your guide. During the trip you will also have the opportunity to also see dolphins, turtles and all kinds of sea life. An amazing experience. Whale Shark Encounter (4 hrs) $125 USD per person ISLA MUJERES FISHING CHARTERS We love to fish! Isla Mujeres is a world renowned Atlantic Sailfish hot spot and considered to be one of, if not the best location, to encounter billfish. Our target species is Atlantic Sailfish, and often we have the opportunity of catching White Marlin, Swordfish, Dorado, Bonito, Kingfish and Wahoo. Our primary concern is conservation of the marine species. We use circle hooks and practice "catch & release" on all billfish. With edible species, the fishing practice is "catch what you can eat, and release the rest". We offer a range of custom tackle, starting with our rods supplied by "Custom Rods By Dru" of Palm Beach, Florida. We use TLD-20 Shimano conventional reels or Penn 6500S spinning reels, with twenty pound test monofilament line. Our regular bait is Ballyhoo, and the fishing method is dead bait trolling. We specialize in daytime sword fishing and deep sea fly fishing. We supply fly tackle upon request. We hold the Atlantic Sailfish fly fishing world record with 13 releases in one day by Nassim Joaquin on February 1, 2011. Winter Rate: December, January, February & March 15. Keen M 41` ft. - Full day (8 hrs) - $1,400 USD Lilly M 36' ft. - Full day (8 hrs) - $1,200 USD Andrea M 34' ft. Full day (8 hrs) $1,200 USD Spring Rates: March 16 to August 1st. Keen M 41` ft. - Full day (8 hrs) - $1,200 USD Lilly M 36' ft. - Full day (8 hrs) - $950 USD Andrea M 34' ft. - Full day (8 hrs) - $ 950 USD Lilly M 36' ft. - Half days (4 hrs) - $600 USD Andrea M 34' ft. - Half days (4 hrs) - $600 USD Lilly M 36' ft. - Half day inshore bottom fishing (3 hrs) - $300 USD Andrea M 34' ft. - Half day inshore bottom fishing (3 hrs) - $300 USD Group Size: Maximum six (6) passengers. Children welcome, must be 7 years of age. Your Isla Mujeres fishing charter includes: - Crew, Fuel, Tackle and bait. - Box lunch (only full days), snacks and refreshments. - Tips are welcome and based solely on your enjoyment of the day. - Please bring sunglasses, sun block and camera. Our Boats Clean, Efficient, Maintained Our Isla Mujeres fishing charter boats have a full complement of electronics as well as all Coast Guard approved safety equipment. They were all custom built and designed for the waters of Isla Mujeres. Our boats feature Raymarine electronics, and we are proud to be on Raymarine's Pro-Staff. - The Keen M is a forty-one foot custom Michael Fitz flybridge sportfish, powered by a QSM 11, 580 horse power Cummins diesel. - The Lilly M is a thirty six foot custom Vernese Express, powered by a 450 Horsepower Cummins Diesel. - The Andrea M is a thirty four foot Express, powered by twin 225 four stroke Yamaha's. Capt Anthony Mendillo has been winning and ranking in the top of Isla Mujeres fishing tournaments for the last 16 years. Keen M has also been featured in the news in magazines from Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing Magazine and Marlin Magazine to National Geographic Isla Mujeres Fishing with the best.... We have set the standard! Bring your family along and make it an unforgettable Isla Mujeres fishing vacation. Plenty of activities await you on the island. Visit the Sea Turtle Farm, swim with the dolphins, snorkel at the Garrafon National Park, visit the Mayan Observatory and temple, stroll around the island, and do some shopping at many of the island's downtown stores. Should you require any assistance while planning your trip to Isla Mujeres, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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