Coiba Adventure Sportfishing


Just off the coast of Panama in the Pacific Ocean lies the remote island of Coiba. As the largest island in Central America, Coiba is the perfect destination for individuals seeking adventure vacations including excursions like classic sport fishing, freediving and natural history explorations. Our guided adventures throughout Coiba National Park and Hannibal Bank on our sport fishing charter will make this remote paradise unlike any other place you've seen on earth and the get-away you will always remember. Some say there is no finer fishing in the world. All the classic bluewater and inshore species are here. Black Marlin and huge Yellowfin Tuna cruise the steep drop offs and underwater pinnacles. Only minutes away you can find Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper and the rare Pacific Tarpon. But, experienced anglers know that there is more to catching fish than just knowing where they might be. You also need an experienced American you can rely on. Captain Tom Yust pioneered sportfishing on the remote Hannibal Bank and secluded river mouths of the Isla Coiba region. Tom's years of experience and his skilled handling of his superb 31' Bertram will keep you in the chair until your muscles ache. It's hard to believe so many different kinds of beautiful big fish, can come from the same place and it's so much fun not knowing what you will see next. We are expert in finding the biggest fish and then releasing it alive, strong & healthy. We've captured & released over 50 species of fish on rod & reel while fishing from Coiba. We also encounter Killer Whales, Pilot Whales, Bryde's Whales, Humpbacks, Leatherbacks, Manta Rays, Olive Ridley Turtles, even wayward seals & sea lions, yet rarely see another boat. We have favorable currents & bottom structure to attract & hold loads of bait. The captain has fished here eighteen years. His mate has been on board nine years. You are going to catch some nice fish, for sure. 31' Bertram. Powered by twin turbo charged Yanmar diesel engines. Joker has a Pipewelders tuna tower, Pompennet fighting chair, large live well, four tuna tubes, Lee double spreader outriggers, downriggers, tower lights, twenty rod holders, two large Icy-tech coolers, Furuno electronics, fresh & saltwater washdown, head, lots of shaded seating area with space to spread out, customer controlled I-Pod stereo system. 3 Shimano Tiagra 80's loaded with 130# on custom bent-butt chair rods for live bait / Black Marlin 6 Penn 50 wides on hybrid rods made for stand-up or chair when offshore lure trolling 6 Shimano TLD 25s different weight lines on Ugly Sticks loaded for bait & mid weight gamefish 6 Penn spinning reels, various weight lines on Ugly Sticks for casting Marlin lures culled from 18 years of local fishing Proper assortment/quantities of mix game lures; poppers, lipped lures, jigs, the works Icy-Tech coolers, one loaded with Budweiser, bottled water & sodas, buried in cubed ice. Other is iced up for fish. We keep it all polished and properly maintained. You might want to load the two kayaks inside one day for visiting otherwise inaccessible spots. Think of this as a little adventure machine, it'll go most anywhere. Two anglers & a guide fit just right Usually, our primary focus is classic sportfishing inshore and offshore. We use both conventional and fly tackle. The options are almost limitless. We will live bait and fight Black Marlin. We will cruise the coastlines for Roosterfish. You will cast at top water feeding Dogtooth (Cubera) Snappers. You may cast a fly or strip bait at Sailfish after teasing them up with Panama Baits. We will slow troll live blue runners where Tarpon live. We may chum the Wahoo mindless before sore lipping a dozen or so. We may anchor on the Hannibal Bank all night with lights and hook into God knows what. You will encounter wildlife everywhere, often unexpectedly! We have seen gray whales, humbacks, sei whales, schools of killer and pilot whales. Thousands of brown and yellow sea snakes mating in a mile long stretch of weedline; sea lions, massive schools of cubera snapper in mating frenzy, frothing up white water on the surface and giant manta rays as wide as the boat. Sea turtles are common. The only thing you can be sure not to see much of is other people. Additionally, freediving on the offshore rocks and reefs will get your blood moving for sure. You can freedive into schools of fish so thick and immense that it can be disorienting. Big schools of Snappers, Amberjacks and Wahoo can almost always seen, but you never know when a shallow water loving Black Marlin may cruise by. Some of the best diving areas within the Coiba National Park. There you can look but cannot shoot. Outside the park, blue water freedivers & spearfishermen will have world class opportunities to take big Yellowfin Tuna which range up to 300lbs. Getting here is easy. Three hours from Miami you'll arrive into Panama City Tocumen International Airport where airport hostesses will greet you as you disembark the airliner. Hand them your passport & baggage claim tickets. The ladies will escort you as a diplomat, past customs & immigration to a private lounge. Here you may relax with a cocktail as they have your passport stamped in, retrieve your baggage and have it loaded on our plane. You will never stand in line or carry a bag as long as you are with us. From the moment you get off the plane, you will be guided through to the island every step of the way. We handle all of the logistics to ensure your trip is comfortable and that you reach the fishing lodge with ease. You will not find another Panama fishing lodge that is more accommodating; we provide the fishing tackle, food and drinks and will even take care of washing your clothes. We only cater to private parties, so each fishing expedition is geared to you. Our crew on the boat is highly experienced in sport fishing and will guide you on an incredible angling adventure. Then in the evening, our expert chef will prepare fresh caught fish and an array of mouth watering dishes. We take care of all of the details so you can eat well, sleep well, relax and enjoy your fishing in Panama. If an easy, first class adventure vacation spent in remote and pristine islands full of fish and wildlife is what you seek, then Coiba Adventure has exactly what you are looking for in a vacation.


Isla De Coiba, Provincia de Veraguas


  • Remote
  • All-Inclusive
  • Secluded
  • Flexible
  • Customized Packages
  • Kids Are Free
  • Private Rooms with Air-Conditioning
  • Open Bar
  • Most Fishing Time
  • Most Variety of Species
  • 32 Islands all around us
  • Most experience captain/guide
  • Big Marlin
  • Lots of live bait
  • 31ft Bertram (real marlin fishing boat)
  • American Family Owned and Operated