Sacramento Delta and San Francisco Bay, California fishing trips for salmon, striped bass, sturgeon, tuna

Sacremento and San Francisco Bay Fishing Charters


My name is Bill Clapp, I am a licensed USCG Master. I spend 12 months a year on the water, both fresh and salt. I have fished the waters of the San Francisco Bay and Ocean for more than 30 years. Since moving to Rancho Cordova 25 years ago, I've been fishing the waters surrounding the Sacramento and Delta area. It's still fun having the American River within 5 minutes from the house and being able to fish for Steelhead, Stripers or Shad.

Whether its Halibut fishing on the San Francisco Bay, or out the Golden Gate to target Salmon, Rockfish, Lingcod, Stripers, Tuna, is both exciting and exhilerating; you also have the opportunity to fish our beautiful Delta and Sacramento waterways for our Sturgeon, Stripers, Salmon, whether bait fishing or Trolling for these prestigous game fish.


Bills Sportfishing Rates/Packages

  • Charter rate 850.00 max of 6 people
  • *Ask about Childrens prices under 12 yrs.
  • SF Bay 850.00 max of 6 people
  • Delta (bait) 850.00 max of 6 people
  • Ocean 850.00 max of 6 people
  • Delta Trolling 700.00 max of 4 people
  • Salmon (River) 700.00 max of 4 people
  • Steelhead 350.00max of 2 people (Driftboat)
  • *Open load rate 175.00 per person
  • Albacore Tuna call for rate 4 persons only *Subject to increase or decrease with fuel rate.


Perfect Seasons

  • Inland
  • Oct-Mar - Sturgeon, Stripers Delta and Suisun
  • Oct-Jan - Stripers Trolling Delta
  • Sept-Dec - Salmon on Sacramento and American
  • Dec-Mar - Steelhead on the American (Driftboat)

  • San Francisco Bay and Ocean
  • Late Mar-Sept - Halibut (Trolling when live bait is unavailable or needed)
  • April-Sept - Salmon Trolling or mooching - Rockfish and Lingcod based on DFG season
  • Mar-Sept - Leopard Shark
  • Live bait used when available
  • Call in regards to Albacore Tuna Trips



Jilly Sea is a 24' Pilot house, built in Bandon Oregon for Sea Urchin divers on the north coast of Calif. and Oregon. Excellent offshore and Bay boat. The most stable fishing platform for a boat this size, 8 x 13.5' of rear deck fishing area, with a 52 gal live bait tank. I run this boat as a 6 Pack in both the San Francisco Bay and Ocean, and west Delta area.

Dream Fisher is a 21' North River Seahawk which fishs 4 very comfortably. Normally you'll see me trolling the west delta area, Sacramento, and lower American River. Target fish are usually Salmon and Stripers trolling or Sturgeon and Stripers on Bait.

17 Ft Fishcraft Driftboat that will fish 2 adults comfortably.

8Tackle, Rods and Reels

I supply all top line Rods and Reels necessary for whatever type trip is involved.

All Rods are either G Loomis or Custom Calstar 608s for live bait or ocean trolling for Salmon.

I use Shimano Reels; Trinidads, Calcutta's, and Charter specials for live bait, Halibut or Trolling Salmon in the ocean.

For steelhead on the Driftboat I use Loomis casting and Shimano spinning Rods.

I supply all bait and other necessary tackle.

I also carry Snacks and Soft Drinks.

How Far Out Do You Go and What Is the Fishing Like?

Your Dream trip could be Steelhead fishing on the American River, or possibly Salmon fishing on the Sacramento, Sturgeon or Stripers on the Delta, or maybe Halibut in the San Francisco Bay on light tackle, or even outside the Golden Gate for Salmon or Rockfish or more Halibut. The question is what is your DREAM to fish for?

This is certainly a dream worth pursuing. 
Call the number below to fish in the San Francisco Bay.