Brazil, Amazon Freshwater Fishing for Peacock Bass, Golden Dorado

Freshwater Fishing in Brazil's Amazon Forest

brazfish 1Brazfish is a team of travel professionals dedicated to hosting the most amazing fishing excursions to be found in the Amazon. Their USA Team has more than 15 years of experience in the travel business. They are specialized in Brazil and South America. Brazfish's partners in Brazil has the expertise and extensive knowledge of the Amazon area and they will guide you from the time you arrive at the airport until it is time to go back to catch your flight to go back home.

Amazon Freshwater Fishing

brazfish 2Brazil's Amazon River & Rain Forest is home to Peacock Bass, Golden Dorado and many more highly sought gamefish. The Golden Dorado in the Amazon is one of the few locations in the world where they can be found. Many fish in the Amazon are trophy fishes for the most experienced of anglers. Brazfish's partners and fishing guides will take you into the Amazon to catch fish only found in the heart of Brazil.

Brazfish offers two operations for fishing in the Amazon: Santana Yachts and the Santana Rio Negro Lodge.


brazfish 3Operating all cruises in standard of cruise comfort.

The fleet contains three luxury yachts with similar comfort and facilities, such as the "SANTANA I", the "BELLE AMAZON" and the "AMAZON SANTANA", which are Amazon riverboats with traditional lines.

Their fleet was designed exclusively for cruising on the Amazon River and its tributaries. Using years of experience on other tour boats we made several design innovations to make them as comfortable as possible and still offer a perfect interaction with nature.

The shallow draught allows them to visit locations inaccessible to many other boats and the outboard powered canoes that they carry are used for trips in lagoons, narrow channels, creeks and flooded forest.

brazfish 4Visit the most luxurious Amazon region Sport Fishing facilities.

The Santana Rio Negro Lodge is a hotel complex built in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest, between the cities of Barcelos and Santa Isabel of Rio Negro and near the best fishing spots where fishermen have caught the biggest Peacock Bass in the world!

The hotel has 20 standard apartments, 2 superior apartments, 1 master house and 1 casa standard that are built in concrete and wood with ardosia stone floor, ceramic tiles roof, air conditioned and a mini fridge in every apartment.

There are also facilities that include a game room, TV room, pool, WiFi Internet, stage for shows & presentations.

Tourism in the Amazon is always an adventure! Visiting near islands, beaches or the dense and historic rain forest will take your breath away and build unforgettable memories.

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Brazil has some of nature's greatest charms. Famous worldwide and one of the richest destinations in terms of what to choose, Brazil has well over 8.5 million square kilometers of land offering a wide range of Natural Parks, Biosphere Reserves and Environmental Protection Areas – many of which have been granted by UNESCO the status of Natural Heritages of Humanity. Brazfish's Eco-Tours will take you to Brazil’s ecological paradises.

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