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fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resortsfishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resortsfishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts
fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts
July 28, 2014
fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts

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La Push Washington Fishing Charters Neah Bay Salmon, Halibut, Tuna, Ling Cod, Sea Bass

La Push King Salmon Charters

La Push Washington Fishing Charters with Capt. Randy Lato. Fish the waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula or enjoy great fishing in the Strait of Juan De Fuca. La Push, Neah Bay, Sekiu, & Clallam Bay.  Randy has been fishing these waters since the age of 10 and knows them intimately.
The coast line of Washington has been a real fan favorite for years and it offers many species of fish, marine life and scenic opportunities.   It has given anglers the chance to catch a king salmon of a lifetime with lots smiles and fish for the cooler its a awesome experience.

King salmon fishing off the coast of Washington is and has bean proven to be one of the best salmon fisheries on the west coast. I fish out of the Quileute Indian Reservation just minutes from Forks on the Olympic Peninsula. I have fished out of this port since I was a kid and know and respect it well.

This is a fine opportunity to catch a world class king the boat record is 52lbs and when it took off the guy thought he had a big shark. I told him until we see it lets treat it like a salmon, When we finally got it to the boat a half hour later we could not believe the size and the fight this fish had in it.

I troll most of the time but not against mooching for salmon, along with the great fishing the scenery is spectacular with lots of rocks, sea life, and a variety of birds. I do clean or fillet and bag the fish.

La Push Halibut Fishing Charters

fishingThe Halibut Fishing off the coast of  Washington State's Olympic Peninsula is excellent!   Our Halibut Fishing Charters provide anglers with a world class opportunity to catch these great fish.

Halibut are one of the most sought after species in the ocean, they are good fighters on the end of the line and awesome on the grill.

We fish halibut on the open ocean, in Canadian waters and in the Straits of Juan DeFuca. The seasons on the open ocean in US waters is controlled by a weight quota. This makes the season very short we usually get 10 days of less out of area 3 and 4 La Push and Neah Bay. The fishing is that good. The fish are good sized averaging 30-60lbs with some larger.

The Canadian fishery is popular to anglers with a two fish limit but the fish are smaller 20-30lb cookie cutters. The fishing in the Straits of Juan DeFuca is popular for the calm water and not having to travel very far. The fish caught in the straits can be very large I have seen a fish over 300lbs and the derby's usually are 100lbs or larger. I would have to say Halibut is the most requested fishery I offer because they taste so darn good.

La Push Tuna Fishing Charters

fishingThe tuna fishing off the north coast has become reel popular with the salt water anglers.  The albacore tuna is a awesome fish to battle, they are so fast and strong.

The time of year is late summer. This is Mid Aug. and Sept. when the warm water is close to the shore. We keep close tabs on the water color and temp. for the best action.

The Albacore tuna fishing has become very popular on the west coast the last few years and become my favorite fishery. When its happening the fish are hitting the deck. We just day fish for the tuna go out early and return late afternoon.

Albacore tuna hang in warm water and this waters moves up the coast in late summer. We have computer sites that show satellite shots of water temp and color. The tropical blue water is what to look for. This makes it easer to find and get the fish.

When tuna fishing we troll tuna clones or feathers. We troll up to 7 knots and when they hit doing 20 mph the other way hang on. When the fish get close to the boat we also cast swim baits to the other fish looking for feed.

One day this year we got to where conditions were good and we had a slow start other boats were getting a few and then it turned on for us. At one time we had 5 on at once and was boat of the day.

La Push Ling Cod Fishing

fishingOff shore lingcod, we have found a spot off shore that produces big lingcod one after another. This spot has so many fish its unreal I have not scene any thing that compares to it.

These big fish average 25lbs. with some over 40lbs. We don't get to fish these fish all summer because the state has in the last two years put a 20 fathom restriction on bottom fish.  Last year it was mid May. These fish are 30 km off shore.

We do have lingcod fishing closer in at 10 km off shore the fishing is good but the size is smaller 15lb average and some up to 30lbs. When the restriction are in place we fish around the rock close to port. The fishing is ok with lots of bass and rock fish.

Lingcod has to be my person favorite fish to eat. I do like it above Halibut not by much but it is tastier. Everyone I have taken off shore is very impressed with the fishing and the size of the fish. We do fillet and bag the fish for you.

La Push Sea Bass Fishing

fishingThe Sea Bass fishing on the ocean is great. This is a very popular fishery for a family adventure, close to shore, light gear and lots of fish. Fishing for sea bass is easy for all members when we find a school of bass we lower jigs to the bottom and real them up or cast plastic on lead heads either way its fish on.

Along with the fishing there is great scenery and sea lions that people of all ages like to watch. Early in the season we do sea gray whales while fishing as they are plankton eaters and feed close to shore.

I have had several young happy faces during bass fishing because they like to catch fish not just fish. I do clean and bag the fish when we return but since the limit is 10 per person there is a $5 per limit fee.

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