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Father and son fishing the river

2017-04-12 06:25:23

Today I had a father and his 6 year old son for a fishing trip in the river. The wind was blowing hard east veering to south east. The water temperature was 74 degrees and we had a strong incoming current. Visibility in the river was about 2 ½ feet down. The father was casting a Miro-o-lure 17MR in yellow. I gave the son a rod with shrimp on it. I was casting a Miri0o-lur as well when I hooked up I gave it to his son. The son asked if he could use a lure so I casted it out for him and he reeled it in He caught a nice lady fish and a real nice blue fish. The father caught a bunch of lady fish as well.We stayed out about 3 hours and then called it quits.