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Great fishing during good weather days

2017-03-13 07:46:52

Fishing has had its ups and downs over the past few weeks. The weather forecast has pretty much dictated where, when and how we are going to be fishing. As I'm writing this, the wind is gusting 30 plus knots and its been that way over the past 4 days, keeping most fisherman and guides at the dock.
Before the wind machine started ruining the party, the fishing in the Everglades was very good to say the least. During the calm days, the big tarpon were out in good supply and willing to eat our offerings. We threw flies and plugs at them with great success, putting several fish in the air. We worked river mouths and creeks with plugs and looked for laid up tarpon at bays, edges and shorelines for fly shots. The snook bite was also excellent, providing steady action at mangrove points, creek mouths and shorelines. Baits of choice were buck tails, mirrordines , jigs and live shrimp.

March and April are usually windy months, with daily changes in the weather forecast. Add the passage of a frontal system bringing more wind or cold and the fishing really hampers down. Have the wind lay down and stay calm for several days and the fishing really gets red hot. Snook, trout and redfish respond better to colder weather but the strong winds really limit the spots that we can fish. 

Expect more and more hot tarpon fishing as we get into April. Tarpon season is upon us and the fish are going to start migrating soon in both coasts. They will begin to stack up in river mouths, basins, bays and creeks before they continue their migratory journey down south to the keys, creating fantastic opportunities for plug and flyfishing in the Everglades national park. From now on, I will be spending most of my time between the middle keys and the Everglades chasing silver kings all the way through early July.

As now, Still got 5 days available in May and 10 in June for tarpon fishing. Give me a call and let's go chase my absolute favorite fish to catch: The mighty silver King!!!

Capt Alex Zapata 

Flats fishing guide
IFFF certified fly casting instructor 
Miami, Everglades and the keys 
(786) 317-4733

Some Tarpon action!!

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