islamorada florida fly fishing charter for redfish, bonefish, tarpon, and permit

Islamorada Florida Fly Fishing Charter

Captain Albury fishes out of beautiful Islamorada just 70 miles south of Miami. Here in Islamorada, the sport fishing capital of the world, you can find many different varieties of fish including Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, and Redfish. The fish are waiting and the water is calm.

If you're not familiar with the Florida Keys' history, the Albury name is umbilically attached to the earliest records of homesteading, fishing and the business of surviving in the Keys when it really took some daring-do. Rusty is the real deal "Conch" he and his family are deeply rooted in the Keys' history.

As a guide, he's better than good. He knows his turf, and is as calm as a cucumber with his coaching skills - never verbose or anything but professional. Immediately, you get the impression that your fishing with an old friend. A day, week or month on the water with this Albury can be both an environmental lesson and a fish catching experience - no matter the tides or winds. He's a truly dedicated guide.

Come join us!

When you step onto the boat with Rusty the only thing separating you and the fish is the distance to the fishing spot. On any given day you can catch the Redfish, Bonefish, Tarpon, or Permit. Whenever you are ready for a great day in Islamorada just call Capt. Albury.

Islamorada Fishing Charter Rates 
for 2 people are as follows:

Half Day (4 Hours): $450
3/4 Day (6 Hours): $550
Full Day (8 Hours): $650
Each Additional Person: $100

What to Bring 

The decision to go fishing with a guide is always a good one. Not only does it drastically increase the chance to catch amazing sport fish but it brings with it a level of convenience that you would not have otherwise. There are a few items you need to bring along though.

- Food and Drinks for yourself
- Polarized Sunglasses
- Hat and Sun Protection
- And always dress according to the weather