Philipsburg St. Maarten Bottom Fishing for Red Snapper, Hinds, Barracuda,Pompano

Philipsburg, St. Maarten Deep Sea Fishing Trips

st maarten 1Let's go bottom fishing around St. Maarten's popular fishing spots.

Our St. Maarten fishing boat will take you out and around the coastal areas of our beautiful island to get the best of our culture.

Unlike traditional rod fishing where the required bait is affixed to a hook at the end of the line, our 'Bottom Fishing' trips include weights are attached to the end of the line and that weight enables the bait to the bottom of the water which helps to lure fish.

I have caught all types of fish that you can imagine. From deep water to fresh water fishes. Fishing is where all the difference of one persons life turns into a passion.

Attention Cruise Ship Customers
st maarten 2As soon as you exit your cruise ship, visit our booth at the harbor. Ask for a St. Maarten bottom fishing schedule of our fantastic fishing day trips.


St. Maarten Bottom Fishing

Our St. Maarten fishing boat offers bottom fishing boat trips around St. Maarten popular fishing spots.We sail along the coast line and then head out to deep waters where you will then be handed a rod and reel and then you will be given instructions. Once we drop anchor, the bottom fishing will last for about 2 hours.

st maarten 3The mates will assist in preparing and baiting your hooks. They will be ready to lend a hand if you get a bite! Your friendly host/hostess will also be close by to serve you beverages throughout the trip. Following the return cruise to Philipsburg you may either walk the short distance to town for shopping, or we will return you directly to the ship dock.


  • Adults: $100 per adult
  • Kids: $75 per kid

Private Charters:

  • 1-6 People: $500

st maarten 4

Fish Species We Target:
Take a St. Maarten Fishing boat trip out with us and get the chance to catch the Caribbean's favourite fishes.

  • Red Snapper
  • Hinds
  • Barracuda
  • Pompano
  • Yellow Snapper
  • Jack fish

Join SXM Bottom Fishing for fun catching of all different types of fish in St. Maarten.