Puerto Vallarta Mexico Fishing Charters and Boats for Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna

Best Fishing in Puerto Vallarta in last five years!


Established in 2000, Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle is now one of the oldest and most established Fishing Company in Puerto Vallarta. After years of operation Master Baiters stands alone and offers the fishing public (Beginner, Experienced or Pro) the most advanced and well equipped boats available in PV. Andelè for example is our  34 ft. Luhrs Convertible that is air conditioned and very comfortable. It feels like a thirty Eight footer to me with the stability and ride.

Specializing in Big Fish like Yellowfin Tuna Monsters, Black / Blue / Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Dog Tooth Pargo, Rainbow Runners, Amber Jacks, Rooster Fish and the list goes on. Kites, Down Riggers, Trolling, Casting, Drifting, Bottom fishing, we do it all. Even fly fishing amigo!

As a company started by fisherman and ran by fisherman, you can rest assured that when you´re on a Master Baiters Boat, you’re on a world class operation that is dedicated to you catching fish and having the time of your life! We look out for you the client on all the little things that make a difference. Full spools, Fresh Line, English Speaking Crews, makes us one of the most successful Sport fishing Businesses in Marina Vallarta. Remember we are an American operation with Mexican Associates, so you know you ¨We Won´t Get Jerked Around¨!

Depending on your target fish, will determine where you need to go and what the price of your charter (please see the Our Boats page) will be. We are very competitive price wise but there aren’t any boats that come even close to our quality, and experience. We specialize in BIG FISH; there are Monster Yellowfin Tuna to 400 pounds and up here in our World Famous Fishing Grounds from August to January. The average Marlin caught in the same time frame in Puerto Vallarta is aprox. 250 to 700 lbs. With the occasional 800 pounder and up Black Marlin. Granders are out there, but you don?t see those everyday!?

Most Charter boats charge 1 fee and keep you in very close to the shore where you won´t find big fish, but they’ll tell you Moby Dick is out there for the taking! There has been 1 Marlin caught within the bay in the last 7 years, so keep that in mind. At Master Baiters you’ll always get it straight from us, even if it means we lose your business to the guy telling you what you want to hear. Were looking for your long term business, we have a different outlook.

Our boats get out to the 36 miles mark (Corbetena) in 1 1/2 hours approx. as opposed to most of the others that take 2 1/2 hours. It makes a huge difference when you are talking about a 10 hour fishing day (Even if the boat can go faster they won’t). After all, when you´re comparing prices and services, remember that you´re paying for time with your line in the water itself, not a boat ride!

Our Captains have a passion for fishing! You know the type, they have what it takes, the sort of stuff you can´t teach a person because it´s in their blood or it isn´t! They have it or they don’t, Our Captains have it. To them it is unacceptable for them not to catch the most fish daily. Hell, on their days off they still go fishing with their families. It´s a lifestyle, not a hobby for these guys.

Now remember, THEY´RE YOUR FISH! You paid for the boat, you caught the fish, why shouldn’t your catch be yours? Naturally, we promote catch and release on all billfish, but everything else is yours and always will be with Master Baiters. Unlike some of these other charter companies offering you a cheap price, and then they won´t let you have your fish. What you´ve done there amigo is subsidize this guys side business of selling your fish! They´ll tell you anything you want to hear, but when it comes time to release the fish, you see the club come out and wham, so much for releasing YOUR fish. That won´t happen with Master Baiters!

We mostly do live bait fishing, thus the name MASTER BAITERS. On most boats once the bait is gone you are out of luck. We make sure you´ve got enough bait to see you through the day. Nothing worse than running out of the only bait that´s working because the charter company didn´t want to spend the extra twenty dollars for ten extra baits! If you want more than that, they´re available to purchase on the way out of Marina Vallarta.

We have several boats. But we don´t have a boat for every option. What we´ve done is negotiate deals with independent owners who may or may not be exclusive to Master Baiters, but meet quality expectations as a top notch boat. We feel only a limited number meet Master Baiters standards to recommend them to our valued new and long term clients. We have the 1 strike you´re out rule. We personally inspect the condition of each boat and equipment you´ll assured of a disaster free day!

We’ll put you on the best boat available in your price range, just ask and we’ll find it for you.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please let us know. We would be happy to hook up with what ever you need. If you like we can load the boat up with snorkel equipment so you can have a break in your day and check out the underwater sites, no extra charge to you, the client.

Thank you for taking the time and interest in our Company and Web site. We truly appreciate your business!