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fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resortsfishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resortsfishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts
fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts
December 19, 2014
fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts fishing trips, fishing charters, fishing guides, fishing resorts

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Western New York fly fishing guide Salmon, Trout and Steelhead

Western New York Fly Fishing Guide

New York FishingJay Peck always says "It doesn't matter how much experience you have. You can always learn a new trick."

Jay has been sharing his experience through his guiding and his writing. Jay has been fly fishing for more than 30 years and has been tying flies for most of this time; applying his experience as a guide for the past 15 plus years. Fishing the Lake Ontario tributaries from western New York to the Salmon River from fall to spring.

Along with being an expert in fishing Lake Ontario's migratory fish, Jay is also an accomplished spey caster and has developed several techniques and fly patterns for fishing the tributaries. A few of his flies are featured in the book 'Steelhead Guide' by John Nagy.

New York FishingJay is just as accomplished with trout fishing. During the trout season, Jay spends his time the between the local trout streams and the Delaware River system in the Catskills. Jay has been fishing these rivers and creeks for over 20 years. Over the years Jay has acquired vast knowledge of the trout and the flies the trout feed on. Over the seasons Jay has developed several fly patterns specific to the rivers and creeks that he fishes. Here too a few of his flies are featured in the book 'Trout Flies of the East: Best Contemporary Patterns from East of the Rockies' by Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson.

Western New York and Salmon River Fly Fishing Guide

New York FishingI follow the fishing as the seasons change throughout the year, as fishing opportunities come and go. In early spring I will be fishing steelhead in the Lake Ontario tributaries. When the opportunities present themselves, I will make a few side trips to fish the inland trout streams during the Hendrickson hatch. I will stay with the tributaries fishing steelhead until mid May, then move to the inland trout streams and spring creeks for the summer. By late August or early September, I will be back to the tributaries for the beginning of the salmon run. Winter will find me fishing both the tributaries and the open trout streams and spring creeks.

September thru October

Fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski New York for salmon and steelhead.

November thru January
Fishing Western New York, lower Genesee River, Sandy Creek in Monroe County and Oak Orchard River for giant brown trout and steelhead.

New York FishingSalmon -- late August thru November
Steelhead -- early October thru mid May
Brown trout -- late October thru mid winter
Inland trout -- all year -- hatches start in mid April and run thru July

How I fish the Lake Ontario trout and salmon
All fishing is catch and release, traditional fishing. There is no running line or slinky used. I have spent over 25 years perfecting the techniques I use. These methods have been adopted from West Coast steelhead fishing, Atlantic salmon fishing and trout fishing.
All of these techniques have been blended together to take advantage of the behaviors of the trout and salmon and the changing conditions
in which we find ourselves fishing.

How a typical day of fishing works
There is no hard set starting or stopping time, but I like to establish this just a few days ahead of time. I will let the fishing conditions dictate what part or portions of the day we will fish. This can be as simple as working with water temperatures, fish movements, or a trout stream's insect hatch. What I try to do is have you on the water during the most productive time of the day. For example: Fishing for Brown trout and steelhead in early December, there's no sense in starting early in the morning. The water temperatures will be the coldest of the day so we would start mid morning and fish in until dark.

New York FishingSince River conditions and fish behaviors can change considerably in a short period of time. I will supply all the flies and leaders that you will need. However, if you are like me, and like to catch fish on flies that you have tied I will be happy to talk to you about the fly patterns and their recipes so you can tie a few of the flies that you may need. If extra equipment is necessary, I can supply you with all the equipment that you may need. Just bring the appropriate clothing for the weather and your waders. Unfortunately I do not supply a lunch, but I can help to make arrangements.

One last thing, do not forget to bring a camera so the Western New York Fly Fishing Trip can last a lifetime!

Jay Peck Guides

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Jay Peck Guides

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