Amazon River Peacock Bass fishing trips & sportfishing

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing with Acute Angling! 

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Experience the best Peacock Bass and exotic species fishing in the Amazon. With over two decades of experience in Amazon sportfishing, we have developed highly productive Peacock Bass, Payara and Giant Catfish trips in Brazil. Acute Angling's primary goal is to deliver the very best fishing the Amazon has to offer and to provide you with the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Peacock Bass and Exotic Species Fishing Trip Highlights:

  • Excellent Results - highly productive Peacock Bass, Payara and Giant Catfish trips in Brazil.
  • Pursue the fierce fishes of South America in comfort, security and style.
  • Enjoy luxurious yacht trips, comfortable lodge or exciting safari camp accommodations.
  • We personally manage our trips and are on-site, fishing with you.
  • Benefit from our knowledge and experience - We'll help with fishing techniques, tackle and extras.

When you Travel With Acute Angling, It's Much More Than Just Fishing

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With Acute Angling, you can experience the ultimate in Peacock Bass fishing trips. For over two decades, Acute Angling has been providing the very best fishing excursions in Brazil.Imagine casting your line into the mysterious and beautiful black waters of the Brazilian Amazon. Then imagine the explosive strike of one of the biggest Peacock Bass you've ever seen. Then picture yourself fighting and landing the world's greatest freshwater gamefish and the trophy you've been dreaming of. Imagine doing this for days on end, without intrusive interruptions, or hurrying off because you've run out of time.

With a PhD. in Amazon Ichthyology at the head of our company, we've done all the research so you don't have to. 

We know where to go with our highly mobile operations and when to be there. As the owner, operator, outfitter and organizer of your trip, we are the single entity responsible for your trip. There are no layers of fluff (excuses) between you and your trip. We will deliver what was promised - or we'll make it good. We've been doing so for over 20 years. From start to finish, we are there every step of the way to make sure you have the best sportfishing experience of your lifetime. We are there fishing with you and we'll help with techniques and tackle and provide a full array of extras and a level of dependability not found with fishing travel agencies, brokers or non-owner outfitters.

We've investigated and studied the regions we'll be taking you to, so our knowledge will help you have an unparalleled experience. Acute Angling handles your complete travel program…from air travel, to entry visa, to pre-trip preparation and even travel insurance. Combine that with our specialized tackle packages and you'll have nothing to worry about except catching trophy Peacock Bass. Let us handle the details.

Now, just imagine it one more time: Holding up that incredible Peacock Bass that YOU wrestled out of the wild jungle-framed waters. Taking the photo and then releasing the beautiful animal back to the wild. 

When is the best season?

The Amazon’s flood pulse cycle determines that the best fishing available moves through Amazonia from August through March. To keep it simple for the angler, all of Acute Angling’s operations move with the seasons, ensuring that you’re always in the right place at the right time.

Our Rates: 

Blackwater Explorer Yacht Igapo Acu:  $5,250
Blackwater Explorer Yacht Rio Negro Basin:  $4,250 - $4,750
Fly-in, Amazon Fishing Trip:  $3,450
Fly-in, Floating Camp: $4,950
Multi-Species Variety, Fly-in Indian Reservatino Lodge; $5,450

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Our 9-year old yacht was designed by us, for our purposes, and built to fish, with a super shallow draft, an efficient angler flow and all of the comforts you could ask for; private bathrooms in each cabin, hot showers, quality Gary Loomis and Shimano fishing gear and the best food you're likely to encounter in any fishing operation anywhere in the world! Our great mobility, freedom from a fixed base and willingness to burn fuel to find fish, ensures that the Blackwater explorer is the most productive mothership operation in Brazil.

Our Shallow Drafting Floating Bungalows allow us to access otherwise inaccessible headwaters regions. Here, anglers can encounter fish that have never seen a lure. This comfortable, mobile operation can range throughout a river system, ensuring that we find the best waters at any time and that you are fishing fresh regions every day. Like all of operations, the bungalows areair-conditioned, with private bathrooms and hot showers in each cabin.

acute angling 4Our Exotic Species Lodge on Picapau Island in the protected Rio Travessao provides all of the comfort and amenities of our other trips in the middle of a vast, untouched, primeval wilderness. This exclusive fishery, protected in an Indian reservation, features an amazing array of the fierce fishes of the Amazon; Saber-toothed payara; giant wolfish; feisty peacock bass; acrobatic bicuda; chunky pacu; ponderous redtail cats; agile sorubim and the Amazon’s biggest goliath catfish, the gigantic piraiba.

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All of our trips are delivered in a complete, full service, turn-key package - We'll provide all airline bookings (unless requested not to), documents, services and guidance for all aspects of the trip. And an owner or principle is always present to oversee the in-country Brazil side of our trips, ensuring that the trips are run in the highest quality fashion possible.

Let Acute Angling Take You on an Amazon Fishing Trip of a Lifetime!