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We opened in 2008 after our owner was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. He served two hours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. Our Owner, Makani Christenson, has dedicated his life to fishing and incorporated fishing into Keawe Adventures. Growing up he was part of the Hilo Castin Club. A club of shore casters that were dedicated to catching the Giant Trevally around the Big Island by using various angler techniques to include plugging, dunking, and sliding bait. He has fished commercially for Pelagic Fish and Reef Fish, Dunking , Plugging and more. Through the experience he has gained from a lifetime of fishing all over the Islands, Makani has gained a better understanding of the ocean and of fish movements, which is why fishing is a big part of Keawe Adventures. 

Here in Hawaii we have many different types of fishing methods. For the most part when people think of fishing, when they are visiting Hawaii, they usually think of the standard deep sea fishing tours. However, there are many other wats to catch the fish of a lifetime to include Spear Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing and Fly Fishing. Keawe Adventures offers fishing tours in Oahu, Kauai and Maui. There is a level of skill associated with each method, and our guides are here to teach the novice the basics or hone in the skills of more experienced fisherman as fishing in Hawaii is inlike any other place on the planet! 

We love fishing! It is a passion that is almost impossible to shake. Who doesn't want to spend time at the beach stocking the elusive Hawaiian Bonefish or the Giant Trevally locally called Ulua? These fish are plentiful in numbers, but getting them to bite is another story. It takes luck, skill, and timing to land these fish. To increase our chances of catching fish it is important understanding the knowledge of the grounds, tides and fish movements. That is what our guides at KEawe Adventures provide.

We are open 7 days a week, and we are ready to take you fishing at a moments notice.

Salt Water Fly Fishing (Maui and Oahu)

Fly Fishing requires technique, coordination and skill to effectively cast the fly to increase your odds to catch fish. Our target fish is the Bonefish also known as Oio in Hawaiin. We target these fish in shallow waters off Kihei in Maui and Maunalua Bay on Oahu. Most times we will actively see the fish before casting. The winds, sun direction and water depth play an important part in site fishing. However, most fish caught and landed are caught blind casting. The best times to fly fish vary depending on the island you are on.

We will take up to three individuals per guide, but can offer more guides if you have a larger group. The cost of the tour is $157.07 per hour for a minimum of three hours per booking. The total for a 3 hour fishing trip for 3 people is $471.21. This includes fly fishing Rod and Reel, Reef Walkers, Transportation from Waikiki and Guide.

Keep in mind that anglers will be wading in shallow water, therefore it is imperative that you wear proper clothing. Proper clothing includes shorts, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses and hat. Sunglasses or glasses is required when fly fishing. Dont forget to apply sunscreen before going on a fly fishing adventure.

  • Hourly Rate: $157.07 per hour
  • Minimum Hours: 3 hours
  • Maximum Number of Anglers per Guide: 3

Salt Water Light Tackle Fishing (Maui, Oahu, and Kauai)

Light Tackle Fishing is our most popular family tour. This is an exciting tour as your never know what you will catch!

The goal of every fishing trip is to catch fish. This is a type of fishing is 10 times easier than fly-fishing. What exactly is light tackle fishing? Utilizing a spinner reel and rod with 10-15-pound test main line with various fishing methods. We may use floaters with bait or led with bait. The method really depends on the terrain and type of fish we are going after. Our guide will determine the method best suitable for the area.

We provide the angler with specialized reef walkers, fishing equipment, and guide. We provide transportation from Waikiki, however clients have the option of meeting us at the beach. We do not utilize a boat. Also, ensure you have the proper sun protection and clothing. If we go into the water, you will get wet.

We like to keep the number of anglers to three per guide in efforts to give each angler more time with the guide. The cost of this fishing adventures is $157.07 per hour for a minimum of three hours for the entire group. For example, a three-hour fishing trip for three individuals is $471.21. You have the option of adding more time to the trip.

  • Hourly Rate: $157.07 per hour
  • Minimum Hours: 3 hours
  • Maximum Number of Anglers: 3

Spear Fishing (Oahu)

Spear Fishing is the most selective type of fishing. You see the target fish and you spear the fish that is it… Ok maybe there is a little more skill involved.

On a spear fishing adventure, there is one guide per one spear fisherman. This is the most dangerous activity we offer and the ration 1:1 is done for Safety. Once on location we will give the spear fisherman a 30-45 minute instruction on safety, on equipment that will be used, and on the target fish we will be hunting.

Using the proper equipment is key when spear fishing in Navigable waters. The equipment we will be using will be a low volume dive mask, a snorkel, 3 prong pole spear (also called a Hawaiian sling) fins to help with swimming and diving under the surface and a dive float with diver down flag. The dive flag helps boat operators and other recreational users identify your location and they must stay 100 feet from the dive flag. On the water it is important to assume that boats do not see you, and therefore be aware of your surroundings. Listen and look for objects, boats, and recreation craft that could potentially cause harm.

The spear is a weapon used to impale fish, but it is very dangerous as you can cause serious injury if you spear the guide or yourself. We have a few safety rules in efforts to reduce injury.

4 Safety Rules

  • Do not swim with your spear in the loaded position.
  • Do not point your spear at anything you do not intend to shoot
  • Do not load your spear until you have acquired a target
  • Walk with your spear with Spear Tip in the positive downward position.

We also request that spear fishermen have prior experience in snorkeling. If you do not have experience our guide will make the call to continue the dive or cancel based upon how you perform in the water and your level of comfort. If you feel at anytime, that you had enough let the guide know and we will end the dive. If our guide feels that your actions or health will be a safety concern, then he will cancel the dive.


Weather is also a huge factor that in spearfishing as well as the waves. Our guides will make the final call 24 hours in advance as where the tour will take place to insure the safest conditions for our guests.

  • Hourly Rate: $157.07 per hour
  • Minimum Hours: 3 hours
  • Maximum Number of Spear Fishermen per Guide: 1 pax

Cancellation Policy

Tour cancelled within 48 hours are non-refundable

Book a Honolulu Fly Fishing trip to remember for many years to come!