Talkeetna Alaska Fishing Guides for Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

Talkeetna Alaska Fishing Guides

talkeetna 1Our talented & knowledgeable Talkeetna fishing guides can show you the choicest fishing spots on the wild and scenic Talkeetna, Susitna, and Chulitna Rivers.

We offer full & half day charters, drop off service, and specialty trips.

Talkeetna Fishing Trips

Jetboat Charters

Fishing Charters can be booked with a two person minimum - 7 days a week, at 5 am, 8:30 am, 3 pm and 5:30 pm.

talkeetna 2Drop offs daily- We can be flexible with times on exclusive trips.

Fly-out Overnight Trips

Clear Creek "Fly Up & Raft Back":
Please inquire about pricing.*
3 person minimum
Drop off, with raft & guide, 20 miles up Clear (Chulina) Creek. Float back down the Talkeetna River to the town of Talkeetna. 3 days and 2 nights.

Fly Out Trout Fishing:
Please inquire about pricing.*
3 person minimum

Fly out to the beautiful Talkeetna Mountains or the awe-inspiring Alaska Range for world-class trout fishing. Price includes raft, guide, lunch and fishing gear.


Catch Your Trophy Size Fish in Talkeetna

talkeetna 3 "Catch the biggest fish of your life no lie!"

We have jet boats and rafts, and we provide top of the line fishing gear and tackle. Talkeetna Fishing Guides can make your fishing dreams come true. Experience what thousands of satisfied customers have done, that is simply catch The Biggest Fish of their lifes!

Talkeetna Trout Fishing

Mid May - Mid June & Mid Sept - Early Oct

The Rainbow Trout is one of the most respected and sought after of Alaska's native fishes. Talkeetna Fishing Guides will take you to the most popular of trout holes in Southcentral Alaska for a truly unforgettable time. All gear is provided and our goal is to make you happy. Our catch & release program ensures little environmental impact to the pristine area. A good time is sure to be had.

Talkeetna Salmon Fishing

The Susitna River Drainage is home to five different species of salmon:

King Salmon (Chinook) Mid June - Mid July
talkeetna 4The Chinook (King) Salmon is Alaska's state fish and is one of the most important sport and commercial fish native to the Pacific Coast of North America. Talkeetna Fishing Guides will take you up the Talkeetna River to have a chance of a lifetime at catching one of natures most beautiful and largets fish. Bears, Bald Eagles and moose are commonly seen while fishing. All fishing gear will be provided and our guides will do their best to make your visit an enjoyable one. This is a trip that makes great Alaskan memories.

Red Salmon (Sockeye) Late May - Early June/Mid July
The Sockeye Salmon often referred to as "red" or "blueback" salmon are Alaska's most fished variety of slamon. Talkeetna Fishing Guides will take you to the best streams and creeks in Southcentral Alaska for fishing sockeyes. These fish are known for their fight and never let customers down. Tackle and gear provided and our main goal is to make your experience a great one. This is a Talkeetna gudest favorite.

Silver Salmon (Coho)Early August - Mid September
Coho Salmon also called Silver Salmon are found on the coastal waters of Alaska from Southeast to Point Hope and in the Yukon River to the Alaska-Yukon border. The Talkeetna River has been known for its premier Coho Salmon fishing. Talkeetna Fishing Guides will put you in the best spots with our top guides to provide you with great memories. All supplies are provided. A time of your life awaits you.

talkeetna 5Pink Salmon (Humpy) Mid July - Late August

Chum Salmon (Dog) Mid July - Late August

Dolly Varden are locally abundant in all coastal waters of Alaska. Dolly varden belong to a group of fish called Char. The light spots on their sides distinguish them from most trout and salmon. The Dolly Varden is hardly exclusively fished for, but are just as fun to catch. Talkeetna Fishing Guides will provide everything necessary to fish for Dolly Varden and Salmon. Our main goal is to provide you with the best experience we can.

Arctic Grayling May-June & Sept-Oct
Arctic Grayling is also a commonly sought after fish for many fly fishermen

Talkeetna Fishing Guides offer the best Fishing trips and Riverboat Tours in South Central Alaska!

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